Recent Projects

Mister Rogers: It's You I Like      Producer, Director

A star-studded and heartfelt PBS tribute to the beloved children’s television series on its 50th anniversary. Hosted by actor Michael Keaton and featuring best-of moments from Mister Rogers, with reaction and commentary from John Lithgow, Yo Yo Ma, Sarah Silverman, Itzak Perlman, Whoopi Goldberg, Judd Apatow, Chris Kratt, Esperanza Spalding and show cast members.

Produced by Paulson Productions and Young Productions  for PBS

Primetime Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Documentary or Non-Fiction Special

JFK: The Lost Inaugural Gala      Producer, Director

The long-lost 1961 Pre-inaugural Gala concert held the evening before JFK's swearing-in serves as the framing device to illuminate how John and Jacqueline Kennedy helped usher in a new era of hopefulness, civic pride and artistic expression. Seen for the first time ever exclusively on PBS, the  all-star cast includes: Frank Sinatra, Ethel Merman, Nat King Cole,Gene Kelly, Ella Fitzgerald, Jimmy Durante, and Harry Belafonte.

Produced for PBS

Eatin' The Chesapeake             Director, Writer, Editor

A culinary celebration of favorite Chesapeake-born dishes from colonial cookbooks, crab shacks, German home-kitchen cooks, southern Maryland farms, Eastern Shore chicken-frys  and Smith Island fresh-off-the-boat watermen's supper tables.

Produced for Maryland Public Television

Eatin' Oysters Chesapeake Style      Director, Writer, Editor

In the Chesapeake Bay region, the Chesapeake Oyster is King, whether it's slurped raw on the half shell or fried, baked, braised or roasted. 

Produced for Maryland Public Television

Conowingo Dam    Author

Based on the Maryland Public Television documentary, this book recounts in rich detail how the dam was built: the pioneering men who labored to build it; the ones who sacrificed their lives for it; the massive components they installed inside the dam; the village of Conowingo that vanished because of it; and the "storm of the century" that threatened it. It is a remarkable story of laborers, managers, planners, engineers, politicians and financiers whose vision and dedication can be seen in the powerful ribbon of concrete that stretches so gracefully across the Susquehanna River. 

Published by Arcadia Publishing

Conowingo Dam: Power on the Susquehanna      Director, Writer, Editor

When it opened in 1928, the Conowingo Dam was celebrated as an astounding engineering feat.  From the marvel of its construction on the ancient Susquehanna riverbed, to the drowning of a small Maryland village and, ultimately the brush with destruction at the hands of a Storm of the Century the tale has waited nearly 90 years to be told in this 60-minute documentary.

Produced Maryland Public Television

Awards: EMMY AWARD Winner

Potomac By Air: Our Nation's River      Director, Writer, Editor

Coming on the heels of the critically acclaimed "Chesapeake Bay By Air," the program celebrates the Potomac River's incredible natural and man-made history, along with our nation's monuments and memorials, all from an exhilarating bird's eye aerial view.  

Produced for Maryland Public Television

Awards: EMMY AWARD Winner

Everyday Holiness

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Everyday Holiness: The Life of Fr. Joseph Muzquiz      Producer, Director

“Fr. Joe” was a Spanish priest who arrived in the U.S. in 1949 to begin the activities of Opus Dei,  at the time an unknown and revolutionary new aspect of the Catholic Church.  Through his influence many Americans have committed their lives to Opus Dei’s message of serving God in everyday life.  

Produced for broadcast on the EWTN Global Catholic Network. Home video release by Scepter Publishers.

A Raisin In The Sun Revisited

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A Raisin In The Sun Revisited     Producer, Director, Executive Editor

This performance-doc captures the legacy of Raisin and the challenges of mounting two issue-driven plays. Lorraine Hansberry’s groundbreaking 1959 drama depicted the strength and humanity of an African-American family as it strives for a piece of the American dream by buying a house in a white neighborhood in Chicago.  50 years later, playwright Bruce Norris created Clybourne Park, a sardonic Pulitzer Prize-winning play that takes place in the same Chicago house, reigniting the questions of race and real estate in America. 

Produced for the PBS Arts Fall Festival.

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HOMECOMING:  The Kansas City Symphony & Joyce DiDonato         Co-Director, Editor

The beautiful mezzo-soprano star of The Metropolitan Opera performs with the Kansas City Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Michael Stern, filmed in the stunning new Moishe Safde-designed Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.   

Produced with Kansas City Public Television (KCPT) for the PBS Arts Festival.

Secrets Of The Chesapeake            Director, Writer, Editor    

No stone is left unturned in the quest to uncover the Chesapeake's hidden wonders:  the Impact Crater that crashed to earth 35 million years ago forming its physical shape, lost islands, haunted light houses, a forgotten WWI ghost fleet, Chessie the beloved sea creature  and more. 

Produced for Maryland Public Television

Awards: EMMY AWARD nominee and finalist

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Les Paul LIVE in New York            Director, Cinematographer, Editor

A ribald roasting-toasting concert film that captures the godfather of Rock n' Roll in all his unadorned charm, intimately filmed at a New York City jazz joint during Les Paul's final performances. Featuring guest appearances by Steve Miller, Keith Richards, Tommy Emmanuel, David Grisman, Tony Bennett and many more who jam with Les.

Produced for American Public Television.  U.S. DVD and Blu-Ray Distribution by Questar Entertainment

Awards: Silver TELLY Award Winner

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Les Paul:Chasing Sound                Director & Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

An exuberant performance documentary for PBS/American Masters on the father of the electric guitar, inventor of multi-track recording and architect of Rock n' Roll.  This film captures Les Paul performing his final shows in a New York City jazz joint, telling his own rags-to-riches story: from Waukesha, Wisconsin, to Bing Crosby, the greats of Jazz, 1950's pop stardom, culminating in his influence on today's legends - McCartney, Clapton, Beck, Page, B.B. King, The Carpenters, Phil Ramone, and more.

Produced for PBS/American Masters; U.S. DVD by Koch Vision; Japan broadcast & DVD by Pony Canyon; world home video by Eagle Vision; UK Broadcast by BBC. Foreign Distribution by 3DD Entertainment, London.

Awards: Primetime EMMY AWARD nominee; ASCAP Deems Taylor Award for excellence presenting music in broadcast television; Silver HUGO Award, Silver TELLY Award, CINE Gold Eagle; Gold Medal "Best Documentary on a Musical Subject" from Park City Film Music Festival; IDA Award nominee.

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The Chesapeake Bay Bridge:  Spanning The Bay     Director, Writer, Editor    

At its opening in 1952, this towering architectural achievement was the third largest over-water span in the world, and it forever changed Maryland by uniting a geographically divided state.  Includes a joyous ride over the bridge in a vintage Cadillac convertible - filmed in 3D!

Produced for Maryland Public Television

Awards: EMMY AWARD Winner

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The Chesapeake Bay By Air               Director, Writer, Editor

A critically acclaimed and poetically breathtaking aerial survey, from serene wetlands and wildlife habitats, to tiny fishing villages, hidden tourist towns and broad-shouldered cities, that captures the rhythms of daily life in the country's largest estuary, all from a stunning vantage point.

Produced for Maryland Public Television

Awards: EMMY AWARD Winner

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Liza's At The Palace                         Documentary Unit Director

Liza Minnelli performs her legendary hits at the MGM Grand’s Hollywood Theater in Las Vegas, with a show-stopping tribute to her godmother, the late Kay Thompson - a groundbreaking singer-dancer, songwriter and vocal arranger at MGM Studios. Liza's triumphant New York run won a Tony Award for Best Special Theatrical Event.  

Produced by Young Productions for American Public Television

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Eatin' Crabcakes:  The Best I Ever Had               Director, Writer, Editor

The Chesapeake Bay's Blue Crab is iconic in all its forms - whether a wily, fast-swimming crustacean, hot, steamed and cracked wide open, or the delicacy revered as the Maryland Crabcake.  This documentary is the ultimate kitchen-hopping treasure hunt in search of Crab Cake heaven.

Produced for Maryland Public Television

Awards: EMMY AWARD Winner

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Rejoice and Shout             Cinematographer

A jubilant journey through Gospel music packed with evocative photos, rare audio recordings and stirring archival performances. REJOICE AND SHOUT is the 200 year musical history of African-American Christianity culled from hundreds of hours of music featuring the crème de la crème of Gospel music.

Directed by Don McGlynn. Produced by Magnolia Pictures. Theatrical Release by Landmark Theaters.

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Advise Dissent             Cinematographer

ADVISE & DISSENT goes into the trenches of the judicial confirmation wars, tracking the Supreme Court nominations of John Roberts and Samuel Alito. Both timely and timeless, the award-winning film lays bare the collision of politics and justice that is re-shaping America's future.

Directed by David Van Taylor. Produced by Lumiere Productions.  VIEW MOVIE SITE    VIEW TRAILER

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Three Mo' Divas             Producer

Three unknown but classically trained women deliver an eyebrow-raising evening of class, sass, and style that smashes musical barriers and spans 200 years of music and 10 vocal  genres:  Opera, Broadway,  Jazz, Blues, R&B, Rock & Roll, Spirituals and more.  Their versatility is nothing short of astonishing.

Produced with Maryland Public Television for PBS.  Blu-ray DVD and cast album by Acorn Media Group.

Woody Guthrie: Legacy                           Producer, film cinematographer/DP, editor

Folk singer Woody Guthrie's legacy resonates in contemporary musicians Billy Bragg, Ani DiFranco, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Bono, Wilco, and others, with unplugged studio performances of Woody’s most iconic and cherished tunes.  This film toured the nation as part of a traveling exhibition.

Produced for Woody Guthrie Publications and the Smithsonian Institution

Awards: American Association of Museums Silver MUSE Award; Finalist, New York Festivals; Gold CINDY Award; CINE Golden Eagle

A Native Place           Director, Director of Photography

This short film tracks the both the physical creation and spiritual underpinnings of the  Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian, a museum built to showcase Indigenous art, artifacts, and living culture. 

Produced for JumboTron display at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian's opening celebration

Getting To Know...OKLAHOMA!                     Producer, director, editor

This video teaches children how to stage, choreograph and perform the beloved musicals of Rodgers and Hammerstein. Others in the series include "State Fair," "Cinderella," "The King & I," and "Once Upon a Mattress"

Produced for The Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization.  Distribution by The Hal Leonard Corporation

FURY!  Passion, Power, Flamenco       Editor                                               

Filmed in Madrid, this performance special features the seductive allure of the dance troupe Nuevo Flamenco Español


Produced by TV Matters, Inc. & Sony Classical & EuroArts International for American Public Television and International broadcast. 

The Silk Road: Connecting Cultures, Creating Trust       Director of Photography

Captures the panorama of musical and artistic expression that flourished in Washington, DC during the Smithsonian’s  Silk Road Festival, with culture spanning the lands of the ancient Silk Road and performances by YoYo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble.

Filmed for The Silk Road Project and Smithsonian Center for Folklife & Cultural Heritage

Jerusalem: A Passion for Living       Co-Producer, Director of Photography

Celebrates the cultural life of Jerusalem where Muslim, Christian, and Jew live side by side often in bitter opposition to each other.  Yet they share in common the commitment to preserve faith and tradition.

Filmed for the Smithsonian Center for Folklife & Cultural Heritage

Classic YoYo Ma                           Director of Photography                        

A retrospective on the musical career of this world-class cellist, drawing upon contemporary interviews and vintage performances. 


Produced by Towers Productions, Inc for broadcast on PBS  in January 2002

Bermuda Connections                         Cinematographer/DP                   

A documentary that follows Bermudan children who seek out elders and    document the island's cultural traditions. 

Produced by the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage

Guide to the Smithsonian                    Producer, film cinematographer/DP        

An overview of the vast world of art, history, science, and feats of human achievement housed in the museums of the Smithsonian Institution, designed as an introductory guide to inform, orient, and enhance visitor appreciation

Produced for the Smithsonian Visitor Information Center

People and Pianos: 300 Years                                  Director of Photography                     

Commemorating the 300-year history of the piano, from its technological evolution to the manufacturers, craft persons and master musicians who shaped its sound. 


Produced by Smithsonian Productions/Maryland Public Television/Euro Arts for PBS and EuroArts International.

Awards: CINE Golden Eagle


Piano Grand! A Smithsonian Celebration                Cinematographer, Doc. segment editor

A gala performance special celebrating the 300th anniversary of the invention of the piano, starring Billy Joel, Diana Krall, Dave Brubeck, Jean-Yves Thibaudet, Jerry Lee Lewis, Marcus Roberts, and more.

Produced by Smithsonian Productions/Maryland Public Television/Euro Arts International for PBS, NHK, BBC, & others.  DVD & Soundtrack Recording Distributed by Columbia Records/Home Video

Awards: Gold “Astrolabium” Award (for excellence in high definition programming), International Electronic Cinema Festival (“Montreaux”).

Earl’s Canoe                                               Co-Producer, film cinematographer/DP

A portrait of master birch-bark canoe builder Earl Nyholm (Ojibwa) who builds his final canoe.

Produced by Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage.  

Screenings: PBS; Margaret Mead Anthropological Film Festival,  D.C. Environmental Film Fest, Breckinridge Film Festival.  Distributed by Documentary Educational Resources

Awards: Cine Golden Eagle; Black Mariah Film Festival, 2nd Place; Society for Visual Anthropology, Award of Commendation; Athens International Film Festival, Finalist, and others.

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Banjo Spirits                             Producer, film cinematographer, editor

Explores the legacy of the banjo through the eyes of two practitioners and the role the instrument plays in their lives as the central tool for creative expression.

Broadcast on  Maryland Public Television’s “Independent Eye” series.  Distributed by John Paulson Productions

Awards: Finalist, New York Festivals

River of Song                                            Sound recordist & post mix, 2nd camera   

A four-part documentary series and 7-part radio series profiling the sweep of music that flourishes along the banks of the Mississippi River, with live performances in communities from its headwaters in Minnesota, through America’s heartland down to New Orleans.

Produced by Filmmaker’s Collaborative/Smithsonian Productions for PBS.  Home Video Distributed by Acorn Media.  Soundtrack Recording Distributed by Folkways Recordings

Awards: George Foster Peabody Award

El Rio: Culture & Ecology                  Director of Photography               

A series of short documentaries for museum exhibition presenting culture along the U.S.-Mexico border: cowboys, shrimp fishermen, piñata makers, and a Conjunto musicians. 

Produced by the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage

The Poetics of Line                              Producer, video photographer, editor

A documentary that profiles a leading group of contemporary Nigerian artists and the indigenous visual traditions from which they draw inspiration. 

Produced for the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of African Art

The Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra                 Producer, director, editor

Live concert performances by the Smithsonian’s big band jazz orchestra.  

Produced for the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra