Take Me Back To Tulsa:  A Celebration of Western Swing

Singer/songwriter Lyle Lovett takes us to the 
heart of the old-time, honky-tonk, Texas dance hall circuit as the host of a toe-tapping national PBS special.

Celebrating the origins and vast cultural influence of Western Swing music, aka "hillbilly jazz," Lovett and his illustrious Large Band join special guest stars Merle Haggard and Alison Krauss in an authentic Texas barn dance - with twin fiddles, pedal-steel guitars, thrilling vocal 
harmonies, and a swirling, two-stepping 
exhibition dancers.

It's a tribute to the most impactful musical export of the American West and will feature Lovett and his guests paying heartfelt homage to Bob Wills and Spade Cooley, the musical  pioneers of the 1930's and '40's whose innovative fusion of rural fiddle music with improvisational jazz produced the new, irresistible and eminently dance-able rhythms of Western Swing.

Also appearing are veterans from the Texas Playboys heyday:  fiddler Johnny Gimble, pedal-steel guitar virtuoso Herb Remington, and vocalist Leon Rausch. 
 They are living, still-performing links to the founding of Western Swing.

Produced by Paulson Productions