Joyce DiDonato: Count Me In

World renowned mezzo-soprano and Metropolitan Opera star Joyce DiDonato hosts a 60-minute music documentary anchored at the Weill Music Institute at Carnegie Hall.

Middle-school children from diverse neighborhoods and ethnic backgrounds come to Carnegie Hall to hone their budding singing voices and prepare for nerve-wracking auditions that will hopefully score them a coveted spot in one of New York City's highly competitive High Schools for the Performing Arts.  

The film follows the heartwarming stories of courage and achievement as these 8th graders journey to music’s Mecca, bravely spread their wings under the hot spotlight and receive the tender tutelage of Joyce DiDonato, whose exuberance, encouragement and wisdom prepares them for the “audition of a lifetime.” 

The film culminates in a celebratory concert where an audience of teachers, parents, family and friends erupt with pride at the newly-transformed voices and new-found poise of ordinary youngsters with extraordinary dreams: to conquer the music world. 

Produced by veteran PBS producers James Arntz and John Paulson.