CONOWINGO DAM:  Power on the Susquehanna
The story of a small town, a mighty river, and the dam that changed it all
Second in size only to the massive hydroelectric works at Niagara Falls when opened in 1928, the Cononwingo was celebrated worldwide as a genuine feat of engineering.  

Now, the dam's unique story and place in history will be told. 

Now, the dam’s unique story and place in Maryland history is told by Maryland Public Television in a one-hour documentary that recalls the people, places and spectacle that have swirled around the massive structure since its opening in 1928

The 60-minute film celebrates the dam's construction, its linear stretch across the river imbued with the Art Deco design ethos of that era, lending it a touch of beauty as it transforms the surging momentum of the river into electricity.

From the marvel of its construction atop the ancient Susquehanna riverbed, to the drowning of a small upriver Maryland village, accounts of town life downriver forever changed and, ultimately -- the Conowingo’s brush with destruction at the hands of a Storm of the Century -- the Conowingo Dam’s saga is one rich in history, personality and drama – a tale that has waited nearly 90 years to be told.

The film is produced and directed by John Paulson for airing on Maryland Public Television in Spring 2016.